Rockefeller Memorial Chapel

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Booking an Event

To inquire about holding a life event (e.g. baptism or memorial), University departments or students wishing to hold an event or ceremony at the Chapel or Interreligious Center, please contact David Wyka. All other RSOs related to spiritual life, please contact Jigna Shah or Rachel Heath.

For details about holding a wedding or ceremony of union at the Chapel, please review the Weddings and Ceremonies page.

To inquire about the Chapel co-hosting a cultural event, please contact Elizabeth Davenport.

To inquire about a future art performances and special events at the Chapel, please contact Eden Sabala.

If you wish to host an event at the Chapel, please fill out the PDF form and send the form back either via email or mail to Rockefeller Chapel. To apply for an event, please choose the chapel that best suits to your event: Rockefeller Chapel or Bond Chapel.

Student Organization Events

Use of Rockefeller Chapel and Interreligious Center by RSOs

Registered Student Organizations are invited to submit proposals for events at Rockefeller Chapel. Proposals are reviewed by the Dean and staff of the Chapel, and students proposing major events (including all events involving use of the chancel and/or nave) will be asked to meet with Chapel staff to discuss further the details of their event.

The Chapel is used primarily for spiritual and ceremonial purposes, and as a venue for the performing arts. University events, religious services, musical and artistic events, and weddings and other life ceremonies are given priority in the calendar. All event organizers should be aware that religious observances may be taking place in other parts of the building at the same time as their event.

The Interreligious Center is used primarily by the University’s many student religious organizations for recurring events of a spiritual nature, but is sometimes available for use by other RSOs, as space permits. All proposals (for the Chapel or Interreligious Center) should include the following information: name of RSO, name and contact information for organizing student(s), title of proposed event, date and time, estimated set-up and clean-up time (if any), and expected attendance.

Proposals for the Chapel including use of the chancel and/or nave should also include the following information: a detailed description of the proposed event, including details of those who will be speaking and/or performing; a description of the proposed set-up, including details of any equipment or furnishings to be brought into the Chapel; whether tickets will be distributed or sold, or any other income generated at the event (if yes, providing details); whether food or beverages will be present (if yes, providing details); whether any filming will take place (if yes, providing details); whether there are co-sponsors of any kind, within or outside the University (if yes, providing details); and information about where and how the event will be publicized.

RSOs pay $100 per event in the Chapel (up to four hours) for a Chapel attendant to be present. Rooms in the Interreligious Center may be booked without a fee. RSOs using the Chapel or Interreligious Center are charged for any University costs resulting from use (e.g. extra cleaning services, electricians to operate the sound system or other electrical services, fireguard, piano tuning, etc.).

All proposals should be directed to Chapel Administrator David Wyka ( Students are encouraged to contact David Wyka to check the availability of the Chapel or Interreligious Center prior to submitting their proposal. Proposals related to spiritual life can be directed to Jigna Shah or Rachel Heath.

Note: The organ and carillon may only be used by the University Organist and Carillonneur and their designates.