Upcoming Major Events

Augmented Bells: The Rockefeller Carillon with Electronics
Tiffany Ng
Wednesday May 10 | 12 noon

Dr. Tiffany Ng, assistant professor of carillon and University carillonist at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, presents a first ever program of music on Rockefeller's carillon with electronics (via huge speakers at the top of the tower). Including Polartide, a participatory piece about sea level change, in which you click on your phone to tell Tiffany to play faster or slower, depending upon what you think is happening to the sea.

Listen from outside Rockefeller, rain or shine. 

Followed by a presentation on the Logan Center Performance Hall stage at 2 pm, The Experimental Belfry: New Modes of Carillon Performance and Audience Interactivity.

Presented by Rockefeller Chapel.