Godspeed You! Black Emperor keeps its mystique in cathedral setting

By Bob Gendron in the Chicago Tribune

If slow and steady wins the race, then Godspeed You! Black Emperor took first place in the equivalent of a long-distance marathon Saturday at Rockefeller Memorial Chapel at the University of Chicago. Optimizing tonal contrast and cinematic sweep, the instrumental  collective spoke volumes without expressing a single word during its 105-minute set. The Montreal-based octet, in town for a two-night stand, had the foresight to utilize the cathedral's premium acoustics as a secret weapon.

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An Interview with Wylie Crawford, University carillonneur 1984–2015

Watch this on YouTube!

This interview was conducted at Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, in the playing cabin at the top of the bell tower. It took place on September 30, 2015, the day before Mr. Crawford retired. Topics include: Mr. Crawford's background and career, the history of bell towers and carillon playing, and the carillon at Rockefeller Memorial Chapel in Hyde Park, Chicago. Mr. Crawford is currently the President of the World Carillon Federation.

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Anonymous 4 rings down the curtain with a final holiday concert

By Michael Cameron, at Chicago Classical Review

When four female singers gathered in New York in 1986 for informal readings of a cappella Medieval chant, little could they have envisioned a three-decade career brimming with countless performances around the globe and 20 recordings with 20 million copies sold.

An impressively large crowd gathered to hear Anonymous 4 Sunday in Hyde Park, grateful to be chosen as the locale for their last local touring date, in the University of Chicago Presents series.

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You Must Hear Hotline Bling On Church Bells

Buzzfeed features Joey Brink taking requests on the carillon!

By Chelsea Vail on Buzzfeed

In 1932, John D. Rockefeller gifted a 72-bell, 100-ton bronze carillon to the University of Chicago. In 2015, the University Carillonneur performed Drake’s Hotline Bling at lunchtime on a Friday. To reach the carillon, we climbed 271 steps to the top of the tower. In the immortal words of Drizzy, “Started from the bottom, now we here.”

You have to see this [see the article for the awesome pictures!]

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Initial Events of Shakespeare 400 Project Announced

Quire & Place concert announced as part of Chicago Shakespeare 400

By Hedy Weiss, in the Chicago Sun-Times

Shakespeare 400 Chicago – the yearlong international festival that will run throughout 2016, and is designed to commemorate the four hundred years since Shakespeare’s death in 1616 – has announced the events planned for January through March, 2016. The full line-up of the year’s productions and other events will be announced in January.

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Rockefeller Chapel Choir casts a wide musical net in Kristallnacht homage

Chicago Classical Review on Rockefeller Chapel's Voices of Kristallnacht

By John Y. Lawrence

Musical tributes to the victims of the Holocaust are plentiful, but likeminded tributes to the musical culture that the Holocaust nearly destroyed are more rare.

Such a tribute took place Sunday afternoon in Rockefeller Memorial Chapel. Co-organized by James Kallembach and Cantor David Berger as part of the University of Chicago’s Quire & Place series, the concert was titled “Voices of Kristallnacht,” marking the atrocities of November 9-10, 1938.

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Rockefeller hosts Shrine of Christ the King after fire

Rockefeller Chapel hosts Latin mass at short notice

By Sam Cholke

Shrine of Christ the King has raised $50,000 in less than month since a fire ravaged the church.

Rev. Matthew Talarico, a canon at the shrine at 6401 S. Woodlawn Ave., said the congregation has found great support among its neighbors as the church works on rebuilding after the Oct. 7 fire.

“This is not about a fire, this is about the community response, a response of solidarity,” Talarico said.

He said Rockefeller Chapel was able to accommodate holding services at the last minute on Monday with only six hours notice after a pipe burst at St. Thomas the Apostle, where Shrine of Christ the King has held Mass since the fire.

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There’s something about you that makes the angels look up to you

Joey Brink leads an unsuspecting family visiting for Admissions Day up the 271-step tower

It’s college visitation time, and I recently accompanied my daughter, Meg, and her friend, Savanna, to check out the University of Chicago. The information session was helpful, but the best part was hearing about the University’s quirky admission essay questions – e.g., “What's so odd about odd numbers?” and “So where is Waldo, really?” My favorite: “How do you feel about Wednesdays?” I could really launch on that one. Aside from being Mittwoch (auf Deutsch), “Wednesday” is basically an Old English mash-up of “Odin’s Day” – as in the Norse god Odin, a deity associated with war and magic and mayhem. Think about that next time you find yourself dragging through the middle of the week. 

Anyway, after the info session and a campus tour, we were on our own in Hyde Park. Since I had lived a spell on Chicago’s south side, I knew something about the neighborhood – Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House, for example, which I duly pointed out to Meg and Savanna. My friend Michael, a University of Chicago graduate, had clued me in ahead of time to some additional highlights – the best bookstores, for example, and the café in the basement of the Divinity School. Also, he strongly advised the Rockefeller Chapel tour, and we took him up on his recommendation.

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