Rockefeller Memorial Chapel

Rockefeller Chapel is the spiritual and ceremonial center of the University of Chicago, and a major civic presenter of the performing arts. A leading venue for pipes, bells, and voices, it is a prized event location for major speakers and international artists. It is the home of two world class instruments, the E.M. Skinner Organ and the Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial Carillon, and a storied choral program. Resembling a medieval cathedral in appearance and size, it hosts festivals and ceremonies of many world religious traditions. Annually, Rockefeller and its corollary spaces receive over 220,000 visitors.

On Sunday mornings at 11 am, we celebrate a broadly Christian liturgy in a rhythm dating to 1928: ecumenical worship with readings from many world traditions and sermons from civic and faculty leaders. Communion is offered freely to all who choose to receive, from all practices.

Bond Chapel

The performing arts and event calendar at the beautiful Bond Chapel is under Rockefeller Chapel management, by kind arrangement with the Divinity School. Like Rockefeller, Bond Chapel is used for a varied program of ceremonial, spiritual, and artistic events, but on a much more intimate scale, designed for gatherings of up to 150 people. It resonates to Bach and to experimental music alike, to meditation and to formal prayers, to quiet remembrances and to joyous celebrations of life and love. It houses the exquisite Reneker organ, and is beloved for its jewel-like stained glass windows which catch the afternoon sun like no other place on campus.

Spiritual Life

The University of Chicago’s Spiritual Life office is an integral part of the life of the two chapels. The Spiritual Life team speaks to the complex and often contradictory issues related to religious and spiritual practice in today’s world, providing support to members of the campus community of any religious affiliation or none and also to those who seek spirituality beyond the strictures of particular traditions, and nourishing the broadly construed spiritual life of the campus community.