A feast of words and music

For Sundays during the academic year at 11 AM, we celebrate a broadly Christian liturgy in a rhythm dating to 1928: ecumenical worship with readings from world traditions and sermons from community and faculty leaders. When permissible, Communion is offered freely to all who choose to receive. 

For academic 2021-22, Sunday services continued through Advent and resumed in late January. Easter is April 17, and celebrated in the traditional 11 AM service time. The last service of the academic year is projected to be May 29. After a summer hiatus, services are expected to resume in September for the 2022-23 academic year. 

These services feature the E.M. Skinner Organ, the Laura Spelman Rockefeller Carillon, and the voices of students and professionals alike in musical settings past and present. Newly commissioned works by our resident campus composers and many others are regularly premiered. At least once per quarter, the Rockefeller Children's Choir performs exuberant works speaking across traditions. On each Christmas Eve at 4 pm, a service of Lessons and Carols brings everything together with an unforgettable pageant and a space full of candlelight. Dean Maurice Charles presides.

For our 2020-21 archive of recorded service podcasts, subscribe on your preferred platform by searching for "Sundays from Rockefeller"! Older episodes can be found on SoundCloud. Details are updated weekly on our main page highlights.