The Bells of Summer

Summer Sundays, 5 pm
June 23 to August 25, 2019

A delightful summer evening tradition! Bring your picnic, your blanket, your children, your well-behaved dog, and listen to the magical bells serenading you.  A tower tour is offered after each performance.

2019 Bells of Summer program booklet

The Bells of Summer (for Wylie Crawford, University Carillonneur 1984–2015)

The Bells of Summer are summer itself:
all urgent tasks aside;
moments stayed by sounds sustained
and sent back;
air cleansed of noise by gentle motions
in cups of bronze,
the lightness of being conveyed
in rhythms of measured stress, without strain;
the wily musician of struck bells,
master and foreman of their perfection,
modestly out of sight through forty-one summers,
comes into sight, and to our right praise.

—Bernard O. Brown, fourth Dean of Rockefeller Chapel

The Bells of Summer 2019

June 23 Amy Johansen University of Sydney, Australia
June 30 Bernard Winsemius  The Netherlands
July 7 Kimberly Schafer St. Chrysostom’s Episcopal Church, Chicago
July 14 Carlo van Ulft Springfield, IL
July 21 Tiffany Lin and Michael Solotke Philadelphia, PA and Yale University
July 28 Leslie Chan University of California, Berkeley
August 4 Alex Johnson University of Rochester, NY
August 11 Jan Verheyen w/Cedric Honings (guitar) Belgium
August 18 Jeremy Chesman Missouri State University
August 25 Joey Brink University of Chicago

Past programs

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