Choral programs at Rockefeller

Rockefeller Chapel is home to a choral program which envelops students in music from around the world, training them for a lifetime love of song.

The Rockefeller Chapel Choir

The Rockefeller Chapel Choir comprises students from all disciplines seeking extracurricular musical joy and rigor, anchored by a professional core of Chicago's leading vocalists.

The Chapel Choir sings at Sunday services and festivals throughout the academic year and in concert, presenting magnificent new music alongside beloved classics. The choir’s members come from diverse spiritual and cultural backgrounds, sharing together the rich musical experience of singing an array of choral music in the unique religious and cultural contexts of a Chapel to which students of all world traditions are drawn.

In recent years, they have sung as backing to the heartfelt Shema of Hazzan Alberto Mizrahi, as the voices premiering new choral works, and as exponents of musical texts in Sanskrit and Xhosa, Latin and Lakota, Spanish and Russian.


Auditions for the Chapel Choir are held during the first days of the autumn quarter. Details are posted on the central auditions website.

The Children’s Choir

The Rockefeller Children’s Choir is open to children ages 5 to 12, and is directed by music educator and artist in residence Kaitlin Foley. Membership in the group offers children an exemplary exposure to world music and the opportunity to perform at festival and occasional Sunday services at Rockefeller.

The children learn songs in French and Latin and other languages, and play drums and other percussion instruments as well as singing. Rehearsals take place on Sundays at 12:30 pm. Contact Kaitlin Foley, director of children's music, if your child is interested in participating.