the Virtual Chapel

commenced April, 2020

Sundays from Rockefeller. Beginning October 4, 2020, Dean Maurice Charles and the musicians of Rockefeller Chapel offer music and meditations through the Virtual Chapel. Please visit our Transistor feed for access to current episodes.

Please visit our SoundCloud page for access to earlier offerings, recorded onsite, that we all might celebrate together again in a healthy future.
posted Friday, October 2, 2020. Updated March, 2021.

The Virtual Campus. Designed by Professor Ada Palmer and her students on the Gather platform, the UChicago campus can be visited in any browser without registration. Rockefeller Chapel has been built in the southeast of the virtual quadrangles. Take a pixellated break and enjoy! posted April 29, 2021

Zeshan B is an artist on the forefront of conversations on identity and racism, and spoke poignantly to NPR today about his new album, Melismatic. A previous project, Dastaan-e-Yaari, was inspired in part by Rockefeller Chapel, where its initial video was filmed. Raised in Chicagoland, Zeshan Bagewadi has participated in two entries of the international Sounds of Faith series, which started at the Chapel in 2009.
posted Sunday June 7

As an embodiment of monumental architectural imagination itself, Rockefeller Chapel honors great architects and artists, including Christo (1935-2020), who passed away earlier today. In 1998, the two were linked in the annual University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt. The winning team that year represented The Shoreland, and pictures of their entry follow.
posted Sunday May 31 

31. Rockefeller Chapel draped in cloth `a la Christo. [50 points]


A 90th birthday card for Dean Bernard O. Brown: a musical playlist compiled in Bernie's honor by friends including Tom Weisflog, Wolfgang Rübsam, James Kallembach, Dean Maurice Charles, Matthew Dean, and the Rockefeller artists in residence.
posted Sunday May 24

An archive of reflections from Dean Maurice Charles. For May 17, we offer a sermon for the times originally delivered on February 9, 2020:

saltoftheearth.pdf  (reader view)

A Bond Chapel 360 degree tour by YouVisit (2019) This initially-private targeted resource is now available for your exploration. Best experienced on a mobile device, you can ignore ("x out") the registration prompt and select "continue in browser" to avoid launching the app. Allow motion control to experience Bond Chapel immersively! You may switch between the Smart Museum, Swift Hall, and Bond Chapel by using the arrow at right. Rockefeller Chapel has been managing Bond Chapel by kind agreement with the Divinity School since 2014 as part of the University Chapels.
posted Sunday May 10

A Spring carillon recital, performed by students of the UChicago Guild of Carillonneurs (compiled by Joey Brink for the Virtual Chapel from live recordings from the 2019-2020 academic year)
posted Sunday May 3

Neurotheology by alumnus and congregant Audrius V. Plioplys (2006, selected by Matthew Dean, Director, University Chapels: "I first met Andy at the Chicago Convenes recognition event in 2006, and we dreamed about the grand canvas of Rockefeller Chapel itself, framing in prior years the Laliberte Vatican Pavilion Banners and the moving AIDS Memorial Quilt. Dean Alison Boden thoughtfully welcomed Neurotheology later that autumn, a stunning meditation on synaptic interconnection and expression of bold color so appreciated during a period the organ and carillon were temporarily muted by renovation.") The artist's work is exhibited across the campus and the globe, and he has provided a newly-collated document of this original installation, linked below.
posted Sunday April 26


Sonnet 73 by Shulamit Ran, performed by the Rockefeller Chapel Choir (2013, selected by James Kallembach, Director of Chapel Music: "this Shakespeare sonnet as selected and set by Shulamit Ran has been running through my mind in the past weeks." The full text and original performance context are within the link)
posted Sunday April 19

An Easter carillon recital with Joey Brink, University carillonneur
posted Sunday April 12

Le Chemin de la Croix, with Thomas Weisflog, organ and Kenneth Northcott (1922-2019), reader
posted Sunday April 7

Please also peruse the ongoing virtual programming offered by Spiritual Life.

Insights from the Rockefeller archives curated for visitors to explore the "chapel within."

As a spiritual, ceremonial, and artistic center of the University of Chicago, Rockefeller Chapel has been producing and presenting thought-provoking content for over 90 years. In addition to our student-focused carillon, choral, organ, and Spiritual Life programs, we have commissioned visual arts installations from the Laliberte Vatican Pavilion banners to the AIDS Memorial Quilt, hosted watershed orchestral and rock concerts, and welcomed speakers from Martin Luther King, Jr. to Jane Goodall. 

Onsite, we archive print and digital materials related to these activities in our renovated studios in partnership with the University Library. Offsite — as is so much of the world at this unprecedented time — we welcome you to peruse some selections from this rich cultural heritage. Under the auspices of Dean Maurice Charles and with special permission from selected partners, the Rockefeller team aspires to regularly share content to console, inspire, and challenge.

Matthew Dean, AB '00, Director, University Chapels

“The chapel...will never be prosaic. Those who have seen it outlined against the sunset or the full moon, those who have seen its sloping leaded roof-top glisten after a shower of rain, those who have looked down upon the world from its summit, all those who have seen these things will remember the poetry that it has taught them."

     —Whipplesnaith, from The Night Climbers of Cambridge